Roof, Roof!  Thus proclaims Clementine the St. Bernard! Would you believe, we will   finally be finished with this never-ending (or so it seems) project!  And we must celebrate.  So, Clementine invites you and all our long-suffering neighbors, parishioners or not, to a party/picnic to be held on Saturday, July 28th, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the church/school lot.  Free refreshments—hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, etc.—with games for the children and other surprises.  All we ask is that you sign up on the poster in the church commons, with the number of folks in your group, so we know how much food to order.  We will be distributing fliers to all of our neighbors so that they know they are  welcome.  Won’t you spread the word?


            This church roof replacement project began back in September. Due to lots ofcomplications, including weather setbacks, it has taken much longer than expected. I’m writing this on Wednesday morning with a prayer that when you come to church this weekend, Church Street will finally be two-lanes once again and that you will be able to make a left or right turn off of Vine. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Village of St. Bernard for their tolerance of our keeping the street one lane for so long. And of course, we must thank our neighbors--many of whom lost parking--for their understanding and patience. Thus, the party! 


            I trust you have noticed the terrific display in the commons announcing our coming summer Vacation Bible School held at Immanuel United Church of Christ from August 5th – 9th. Thanks to parishioner Theresa Strotman for creating that display and for being a prime mover, working together with our DFF Colleen Gerke and with folks at Immanuel. The display shows ways that you can participate.


            Just last evening, a young couple stopped in and spent over an hour beginning the  process of planning for their upcoming marriage which will they will celebrate in early December. And this next Saturday, July 21st, I will be privileged to witness the solemn  wedding of two other parishioners.  Love is in the air!  As is new life; for this Saturday, July 14th, I will happily baptize one-year-old Kolby Garrigus, and on Sunday, infant Lucia Sturgeon. How good is our God!


            You’ll notice in this bulletin and in each future bulletin, a small form which you are welcome to cut out, complete and return to me in the collection basket or in the mail, if you would like me to come to your home or a place of your choosing and spend an hour or so with you learning what’s going on in your life, praying with you or offering a supportive and compassionate heart. I’ve enjoyed the times when folks have told me their amazing stories.  I leave a better person, for sure.  I assure you that I hold in confidence whatever I hear. It’s your stories that I bring to the altar whenever I celebrate the Eucharist.  How can one man be so lucky!


            Now, remember, along with dear Clementine, we SHOUT, SHOUT and, why not, ROOF, ROOF!  Saturday, July 28, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.