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Liturgy of the Word for Children October 25, 2020

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 A young man who works part time for the friars here at St. Clement told me this morning that he loves rainy days.  I asked him if he “liked” the rain!  He was emphatic in insisting he “loved” days like yesterday (Monday) and today.  Yesterday morning, I told the folks who had gathered for the funeral of life-long parishioner Michael Schwartz that I love our church because of the large clear windows.  I noted that on a bright sunny day, the worship space shimmers with beauty.  However, yesterday was dark and rainy during Mass! No matter, I made bold to assure those gathered that the sun was brightly shining.  Indeed it was; for it’s the nature of the sun to shine.  It just happened to be covered over by the clouds and rain.  I made the analogy that Christ’s life-giving risen power was present in all its glory in the midst of the sadness of a loved one’s passing.  Satan would have us believe otherwise; but we Catholic Christians celebrate the Mass of Christian Burial as a feast of victory for our God, which our loved one now shares. On behalf of St. Clement Parish, I extend my deepest sympathy to the brothers and sisters of Michael, their oldest brother. 

In last week’s bulletin we announced plans for a new parish directory, including listing dates when photos would be taken. Alas, we’ve had to make the decision to postpone the directory schedule till this coming Spring.  The recommended dates and the planned location for the pictures presented a problem; even more, the COVID virus really throws a wrench into the works.  The representative from the company understood and will work with us at rescheduling.  Stay tuned for further information. I am especially grateful to our parish secretary Linda Moeller who has been having numerous conversations with the representative of the company. Thanks for your understanding. 

Thank you to all who were able to contribute items for Sr. Susan’s mission in Campton, KY last weekend. A special thank you to Joe Thoman, Ken Beringhaus and other parishioners who stayed by the truck to receive your gifts and then drove the truck to Campton this past Monday. It was my hope to get over to the truck. The funeral and other conflicts prevented me. 

Thanks also for your contributions to the special World Mission Sunday collection.  You will notice this weekend that we have new collection boxes in church—one in the commons, another by the side ramped entrance.  They are secured to the church wall!  There was evidence several weeks ago of someone getting into church off hours and trying hard to break into the other boxes.  Of course, the boxes are emptied after each Mass, so they would not have gotten anything.  However, these boxes are considerably more secure.  We ask you to avoid using the side outside doors by the organ (on the way to the church basement) as an exit—except in an emergency.  Those doors have been found open.  Thanks for your cooperation. We must be good stewards of your generous gifts!

Let’s continue to pray for God’s guidance in the upcoming elections.  We have a responsibility to vote as our conscience dictates. Have a blessed week.  And, remember, no matter what, the sun is shining!