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OPEN HOUSE at St. Clement School, January 29 from 11:00am - 1:00pm

DISCIPLE MAKER INDEX Help our parish serve you and the community by completing the Disciple Maker Index. This can be done on line at https://portal.catholicleaders.org/d/ytabg3 . Your thoughts and opinions are greatly needed. It only takes 10-15 minutes. Responses are anonymous. If you do not have access to completing the index on line, paper copies are available at the entrances to church, in the parish office, or can be mailed. For questions or information call the parish office at 513-641-3176.

FEBRUARY 5: Blessing Ritual for First Communion Candidates this Saturday and Sunday Masses and Parent-Child Preparation Session on Sunday only in the School Cafeteria from 10:30-11:30.

RCIA for the unbaptized, those baptized in another faith tradition, as well as those baptized Catholic as an infant without celebratig First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation meets in the School Library on Sundays from 10:45am-12:15pm (betwen the 9:30 adn12:30 Masses).  If you are interested and want more information or you want to volunteer as a companion to our seekers contact Colleen Gerke by phone at 513-641-3176 ext. 106, cgerke@stclement.or, or by text  at 513-394-7045.

FOOD PANTRY - February  from 4:30-6:30pm

From Fr. E.J. -

      I want to tell you about an experience we St. Clement Franciscan friars have begun to enter into. Coincidentally, it deals with a topic our parish and St. Francis Seraph also will soon have an opportunity to enter into with a spirit of prayer, openness, and conversion.
      The Franciscan Friars of our whole Province have made a commitment we have mandated with and to each other: As Franciscans, we are to take immediate Gospel action to confront and condemn the sin of racism. We can eradicate racial injustice through appropriate and ongoing conversion, both internal and external, personal and institutional. We resolve that each friary will regularly reflect on the issue of racism and include an action in the Friary Fraternal Life Plan. Since racism is a systemic issue, our Provincial Council will provide helpful resources, such as speakers, literature, films, etc., to aid the friars in their education.
     We are doing what every friary in the Province is doing. On January 30, the 18 of us Franciscans here will be viewing a province-wide ZOOM presentation. We will be encouraged to dialogue with each other about racism in our society and fraternities. We are mandated to develop action plans for ourselves concerning managing racism and privilege in our own lives. The Province has given each and every friar a copy of the book, A White Catholic’s Guide to Racism and Privilege. A fellow, well- known and studied Franciscan, Brother Dan Horan OFM authored this book.
     In four successive months, we will be prayerfully reading this book and meeting for 90 minutes to discuss several chapters at a time. What will we be discussing and forming actions about? (1) What is racism and how do we talk about it?; (2) What does it mean to be white?; (3) Racism is a white problem; (4) Systems, structure, and institutions; (5) What does the Church teach?; ( 6) How to be more of an ally and less of a problem; (7) Where do we/I go from here?; (8) What have we/I learned in this process?
     At our next All-Province meeting, we friars are going to ritualize our involvement in this process to enable each and every one of us friars to recommit ourselves to ending racism in society and in our own fraternities.
     In March, the friars of St. Clement will be able to participate we hope, with both parishioners and St. Francis Seraph folks, in the Archdiocesan program during Lent: Breaking Open the Sin of Racism. Speaking as a continually recovering racist myself, I strongly encourage parishioners to participate in this program during four Sundays in March. It will begin at 10:45 a.m. in the St. Clement School cafeteria. A light breakfast will be served. This will be a video and discussion program. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Each video features presentations by scholars and professionals at the University of Dayton. The series begins with a macro global and historical examination of race and racism and progresses to a micro examination of the interpersonal impact of race and racism. For questions, please call the parish office at (513) 641-3176 or talk to any member of the Parish Faith Formation Team: Jan or Phil Bauer, Maile Castro or Marty Eckes.
Have a great week everyone!
Fr. EJ