Weekly celebration of Sunday Mass is the Saturday Vigil Eucharistic Liturgy at 4:00 pm.  All Masses are live streamed on Facebook at the scheduled time and archived on our pairsh Facebook page or YouTube.

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Liturgy of the Word for Children August 9, 2020

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   The Franciscans here at St. Clement Friary are rejoicing because our brother Fr. Roger Lopez, OFM, whom you all know from his Masses on Sundays, was just appointed to membership on the Provincial Council of St. John the Baptist Province. His appointment came from our General Headquarters in Rome based upon a nomination by the friars of the province. Fr. Roger is also a religion teacher and Director of Community Outreach at Roger Bacon High School.  In addition to experiencing his dynamic homilies at Sunday Masses, folks might regularly see him on Monday evenings at our parish Food Pantry. Needless to say his schedule is full; but added to it will now be regular monthly days-long meetings for the Province.  Won’t you keep        Fr. Roger and all of us friars in your prayers as we work to do God’s will among his holy people. 

            Speaking of praying, we announced last weekend the One Million Hours of Prayer for Peace, Justice and Goodwill program just kicked off by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Every Catholic of the Archdiocese is asked to add just one minute daily to his or her usual daily prayer regimen from now till January 1, the World Day of Prayer for Peace. The prayer should be for the             specific intention of peace, justice and good will. If you check out www.prayaminute.com you will learn more about the initiative, hear a message from Archbishop Schnurr and even be given some examples of prayers you might pray—one of which is the Peace Prayer of St. Francis.  Our school children are going to be participating in this program, too. If every Catholic in the Archdiocese committed to at least one extra minute daily till January 1st, that would add up to one million hours. You can sign up on-line at the above site. 

            Next weekend, August 15th-1616, St. Clement will participate in the annual Missionary Cooperation Plan of the Archdiocese. As you know, each parish is annually assigned a mission from outside the diocese for which the parish is invited to take up a second collection. This year we have been assigned the Catholic Volunteer Network, headquartered in Takoma Park, Maryland. Because of the CO-VID virus, rather than someone coming as guest preacher, the Network will be sending a letter which the presider will read in place of his homily. I am hoping that we will also receive an insert to place in this week’s bulletin.  We will have special envelopes available for you to pick up at the entrances to church. You can use that envelope for your gift and place it along with your usual envelope in the collection boxes in church. This annual collection gives parishioners “an annual opportunity to grow in solidarity with the joys and struggles of fellow Catholics worldwide.”

            Beginning next Saturday, August 15th, we will resume offering the Sacrament of Reconciliation from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the Reconciliation Room. Along with the priest, individuals will be expected to wear a mask; confessions will only be face-to-face and in chairs six feet apart. If you haven’t celebrated Reconciliation recently, this is a splendid opportunity to bask in the lavish mercy of our loving God. Fr. John Paul hears confessions on Sunday before the Spanish Mass.

            Finally, on behalf of St. Clement Parish, I extend our deepest sympathy to the family of long time very active parishioner Ed Junker who died last Sunday, August 2nd, at the awesome age of 90. Mass of Christian Burial is this Saturday, August 8th.  Ed attended daily Mass pre-pandemic and even served. He has four living daughters and a deceased son. His wife Ruth died in 2005.