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Festival- September 9, 10, 11, 2022


Confirmation Preparation begins over the summer.  St. Clement will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at the Cathedral.  All persons in the 7 grade and older are invited to prepare and celebrate the sacrament.  Contact Colleen Gerke at cgerke@stclementcincinnati.org or 513-641-3176 ext. 163 to sign-up before mid June.


From Fr. E.J. - 

      Why is St. Clement Parish, like all parishes in the archdiocese, participating in the “Beacons of Light” process? Phase 1 of “Beacons of Light” begins on July 1 this year. This comprehensive process of pastoral planning has an overall goal for the next five years: to study every aspect of the archdiocese and parishes to determine how to be the best stewards of our resources – human, physical, and financial – in order to spread the Gospel more effectively and responsibly.
       Everyone wants to belong to a vibrant parish. Imagine belonging to a parish that is full, joyful and centered on the Eucharist. Imagine belonging to a parish that is truly effective at nurturing close relationships with Jesus. Imagine belonging to a parish that is even more effective at spreading the love of Jesus through charitable and justice outreach.
Unfortunately, not all parishes meet this description. Religious practice is declining nationwide, including at St. Clement. The average Sunday Mass in our archdiocese is only one-third full; St. Clement is even less than that. Fewer Catholics are involved in parish life. The number of registered Catholic households in our archdiocese has declined at a rate of 2.72 per day for the past decade. St. Clement has a number of parishioners who faithfully contribute to the life of our parish: God bless you for that. However, we too have been slowly decreasing in this respect over the past 20 years. By 2026, the number of available priests in the archdiocese will decrease by approximately 20%. In our Family of Parishes this year, Father Al Hirt, OFM at St. Francis Seraph parish will turn 72 years old and I will turn 66. What happens when we are no longer able to pastor in 10-15 years or sooner?
        In almost every parish, church buildings are significantly underutilized and our resources are spread too thin. Many parishes are not the vibrant communities of faith Catholics need and want them to be. St. Clement is a little different in this regard. We do not have enough space. Our school has expanded into using some of the Parish Center. We have a tremendous outreach with our Food Pantry. However, we are lacking space for maybe two more parish offices. Playground space for the children is quite minimal. Although the former convent building is housing the Tau House program, it is not used every week. Our church could be a third or even half its size, if it were in proportion to how much it is regularly used.
      "Beacons of Light” will have Families of Parishes gradually coming together as one faith community. With the resources to focus more on mission than on maintenance, these Families can become stronger. Pastors, parish leaders and parishioners will then be able to plan together for the future of their Family of Parishes.
      Just imagine.......people united on a journey of missionary discipleship. Full churches. Joyous liturgies. Priests who have the time to be present and attend to the faith needs of people. May the Lord, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, help us all approach this experience prayerfully and in faith, hope and love. If we allow it to be, this can be a tremendous time of growth in the mission of Jesus

May God bless you alll! Fr. EJ