Weekly celebration of Sunday Mass is the Saturday Vigil Eucharistic Liturgy at 4:00 pm, Sunday at 9:30am and 12:30pm in Spanish.  All Masses are live streamed on Facebook at the scheduled time and archived on our pairsh Facebook page or YouTube.

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Liturgy of the Word for Children September 20, 2020

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         Congratulations to our Grand Raffle winners Kathy Monday ($3000), Ian Victor ($1000) and Brittany Palmer ($500)! St. Clement fifth grader Jose Lopez did the drawing at about 2 pm. this past Sunday, witnessed by several festival committee members, including chairperson Barb Kalb. I understand the drawing is on Facebook, so you can enjoy some of the excitement.  I loved the suspense. Thanks to our many contributors.  Barb will be preparing a report.
        Now the committee is working on our special St. Francis Day drawing (Oct. 4). Letters went out to all parishioners as well as past business sponsors inviting folks to make contributions in the amount of their previous festival contributions. It is my understanding that the names of contributing individuals will be put into another drawing for gift cards for special items. Fr. Frank, our friary guardian, is permitting us to put the names of the sponsors in the front yard of the friary.  I wrote a letter to our Provincial Minister, Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, begging for a gift and we received $850!  Over the weekend I opened some of the mail that came in for the parish and saw some generous checks from parishioners for what is becoming our 2020 “Virtual Festival.”

           In addition to the Grand Raffle and the special Oct. 4 drawing, we continue to have the Festival Furniture Outlet. It is my understanding that another sale will take place on a Saturday in November.  However, you can still purchase items by checking our St. Clement Facebook page!  On behalf of all the parish, a huge thank you to Barb Kalb, chairperson, and the other Festival Committee members for their continued energy in support of St. Clement.

          This week we have a final quote from the book White Fragility. I am inspired by the commitment of the small group of parishioners who joined in the weekly discussions of this significant book. I am not yet finished reading it and was not faithful in attending the meetings. The book certainly made me think, especially about myself.  My copy is marked with exclamation points, question marks, “sic’s,” etc. When reflecting on the important issue of race, I will want to reread my marked-up passages.  As with almost every book I read, I question some of what the author writes. Being part of a study group affords one the opportunity to question or clarify. A couple of parishioners wrote expressing concern about the published quotes. I appreciate their concern, for the quotes were not given in the context of the chapters from which they were taken. Space was an obvious concern. However, we could have done a better job contextualizing the quotes. At the same time, the challenge a particular quote offered may inspire someone to check out the book and read it for him- or herself. Every Catholic journal I’ve checked recently has addressed the issue of racism.  Here’s a quote from the September issue of The Priest magazine: “The sin of racism is a weapon of Satan  that confronts us as ‘a real and present danger that must be met head-on,’ as the U.S. bishops noted in their May 29 statement in the wake of the death of George Floyd and the national protests. They said, ‘As members of the Church, . . . we cannot turn a blind eye to these atrocities and still try to profess respect for every human life’ . . .”

        I hope that the Book Study Group chooses another challenging work to reflect on and continues to share the author’s insights with the parish.