We extend a warm welcome to Fr. Luis Carlos, a member of the Missionary Fraternity of Mary, who is here “begging” from our generosity on behalf of his community, as part of the Archdiocese’s mission co-op appeal.  Hopefully you had a chance to read about his community in the insert in last week’s bulletin and to learn about the good work he and his brothers are doing, especially among needy youth, in various parts of the world. Fr. Luis Carlos’ home is Guatemala. Won’t you please be generous in responding to the second collection this weekend?


Our liturgical celebration of the Solemnity of Pentecost was grand, as well it should be.  The church environment was beautifully decorated in red.  Though I presided at the 4 pm. Mass on Saturday, I was present for part of the 10:30 am. Mass Sunday morning.  The music was superb.  Marty recruited several additional men to join the choir for the occasion, keeping it literally “in the family”; and fittingly there was a trumpet to add to the majesty.  At each of the Masses, we had the opportunity to once again celebrate our being washed clean in the healing waters blessed at the Easter Vigil as they were sprinkled (lavishly!) on all present. I was especially touched when young parishioner Emily Boehl rushed forward to share her joy at being honored with the R.A. Horn Award, which I wrote about in last week’s bulletin.


And the power of the Spirit was at work in choosing our three new members of the Pastoral Council from among those we nominated.  Congratulations to parishioners John Balash, Joan Miller and Cathy Wilson who will begin their three-year ministry at our August Pastoral Council meeting, replacing outgoing members Diane Smith, Jim Hodapp and Walt Miller, who complete their terms.  However, I have asked Diane Smith to allow me to name her as one of my appointees, so that she can continue her excellent service as Chair of the Council. We will formally commission our new members and thank our outgoing members at a Mass in late August.


Now we look forward eagerly to next Sunday, June 23, when our parish publicly celebrates our faith in the Eucharistic presence of Christ as we process through the neighborhood carrying the Blessed Sacrament on the Solemn Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. This will take place following the 10:30 Mass.  As I explained last week, we will stop at two outside altars for a short prayer and Benediction and end up back in church for a final short time of prayer. During the procession we will pray and sing hymns. This is a tradition that goes back to the earliest days of our parish’s existence.  There are photos in the archives of large numbers of folks, bands, lines of altar servers, Knights, large numbers of friars, children in first-communion clothing,  all processing through the streets of St. Bernard.  They went a lot further back in those days—even down to Roger Bacon and over to OLA.   Regardless of how many folks can be present, God will be pleased, and our celebration will be a source of blessing for all present as well as for our Village.  There will be some chairs set up at the two outdoor altars for those among us who need to sit for a time. And, through the kindness of a generous benefactor, there will be an ice-cream social in the church commons after the final prayer in church.  Come one, come all!


In our lives as Catholic Christians there are always reasons to celebrate!  Have a blessed week.