Tuesday morning, May 8!  A beautiful sunny, blue sky, perfect-temperature kind of day!  I just spent an hour with our 7th graders, giving them a 60-75 minute tour of our beautiful church, including visiting the Blessed Sacrament chapel, the friars chapel, the grotto—even the Reconciliation Room/Bride’s Room!  We started at the Baptismal pool, where our life as Christians begins.  I explained the Stations of the Cross, the three holy oils, the Paschal Candle, etc.  We moved to the nave and then the sanctuary. Parents of our 7th graders, you can be so proud of your daughters and sons!  These young teens were perfectly respectful and attentive and engaged.  It was pure joy for me to spend time with them.  Of course, Mrs. Muchmore deserves great credit for her masterful teaching and the discipline and spirit she instills in her students. 


     Without any hesitation, I can say the same thing about our 8th graders.  I’ve given them the same tour and also twice visited their classrooms for an hour or so each time. They, too, showed great respect and discipline.  I can honestly say that I have fun interacting with these young people. Although I’ve never taught elementary or junior high school, these experiences bring back great memories of my high school teaching years—among my happiest years. 


     Allow me to brag some more about our school!  As you know, our students just had their      annual Walk-a-Thon last Friday, May, 4.  Principal Mr. Eiser said things went great.  Would you believe, the students—and families and friends—raised $19,000.00, which I understand is a record!  Thanks to all who made this event special.  And I learned this morning that two weeks ago, the students raised $1,500.00 in the annual "Friendly Penny War,” benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Amazing! 


     Tonight, Tuesday, our 8th graders will be presenting our Annual May Crowning


    which each year is a very moving tribute and time of prayer to our Blessed


    Mother.  I’m sure I’ll write more about that next week.  Prior to the May


    Crowning, our hugely active TPC (Teacher-Parent Club) is having its final


    meeting of this school year.  While technically the TPC is all parents and


    guardians of our students, the officers are the ones who organize, motivate,


    inspire, lead, etc. etc. etc!  These faithful individuals really put themselves out insuring that all of the supportive activities throughout the year are a success. I know Principal Jeff and our teachers would agree that we are blessed by these faithful folks.  A special thank you to the officers Theresa Schrand, Theresa Strotman, Brittany Klems and Christin Messinger!


     A final note, not school related.  Please don’t be alarmed that Sr. Pat Hill’s name is not included in the bulletin listing of Pastoral Staff.  While Sr. Pat will continue to faithfully visit many of our homebound parishioners, she does not have a phone and requested that she not be listed.  If you wish to be in touch with her, please contact Linda in the parish office and she can help you. 


     HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOMS!   We wouldn’t be here without you.  Thanks for your unconditional love!  It will be a joy to bless you at each of the Masses this weekend.