My message last week was a begging one of sorts!  It was a prelude to my “homilies” at Masses.  This week, I very simply but profoundly offer thanks.  As I expressed I was anxious about giving my talk explaining our present financial situation with the hopes of individuals who aren’t contributing beginning to do so, or of already-contributing members making an increase if possible, and even with the hope that some who are able could make a larger one-time grant.

            I was deeply touched by the positive responses I received from individuals after Masses, including nodding heads—not “nodding off” heads—during my talk, thumbs-up from different folks as I walked away from the sanctuary and affirming comments after Mass.  It’s only been a couple of days, but I’ve already received a kind note in the mail.

            You may have already received, or you soon will be receiving a copy of my presentation, together with a copy of the annual report which our Business Manager, Tom Carberry, prepared, and one of the small forms, inviting you to share a specific talent, which may contribute to our saving money.  I was pleased with the completed forms we already received last weekend. You will receive a personal acknowledgment that we received your form. There will also be additional forms permanently available on the shelves in the commons and by the side entrance. 

            Bottom line, THANK YOU, for your open minds and hearts!

            I noted in last week’s letter that it was a wonderful coincidence you were receiving my comments at almost the same time you had contributed items—in large number—for our twinned mission in Campton, KY.  There was some disagreement as to whether folks contributed a bit more or a bit less than last time.  When you arrived at church, many of the items had been removed to the organ-side vestibule because of funerals in church, so it might not have seemed as much.  But, as always, you donated generously.  Thank you for that gift, also!

            A special thank you to the following who helped make the donations a success!  Kay Thoman, together with Al and Sheila Moeller, went through and organized all of the items prior to their being loaded onto the large moving truck. Joe Thoman provided the delivery truck and drove it to Campton. Accompanying Joe on the trip were Al and Sheila Moeller, Phyllis Crawford, Jim Royston and Ken Beringhaus—who almost alone unloaded the items from the truck at the mission, the items which had taken our entire 8th grade well over 30 minutes to load onto the truck before the truck left St. Clement for their destination. Ken    Beringhaus was the grand organizer of this semi-annual drive.  Thanks heartily to one and all.

            Have a great week.