Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Egg on my face!  My apologies to the Festival Committee for crediting the  Bingo Committee with doing the behind-the-scenes work at  the Friars Feast week before last.  First of all, there is no Bingo Committee.  There’s only one most amazing Bingo coordinator—that’s Tracie Meister—and she recruits a lot of help.  But the Festival Committee is comprised of Bark Kalb, Keith Geraci, Jonathan Stuchell, Andy Kalb, Walt St. Clair, Joe and Kay Thoman and Pat Stefener.  All of these good people, except for Andy, and Walt—who was a guest at the dinner--were the ones who, along with our chef Dixie, helped pull off the Friars Feast, including staying after all was over to clean up.  Coincidentally, the Festival Committee meets this week (Mar. 8) to begin planning our 2017 Festival and Pig Roast.  And, bingo guru Tracie Meister will, I’m sure, be consulting as we continue to study the purchase of an electronic marquee for the parish.

I would like to think that my mistake explained above will be the only one I make this year.  What do you think?  Make no mistake, the Wedding Anniversary Mass last Saturday evening was lovely and fun.  The primary source of “loveliness” was the goodness of the couples who celebrated, who were clearly having a good time, and the Lord Jesus who was the third party in each of their marriages. 

I had the joy of spending some time after last Sunday’s 10:30 AM Mass with the young children who will be making their First Communions this Spring and with their parents.  Ms. Emily graciously gave me time to address them all.  It wasn’t hard to be passionate about what the kids are preparing for.  I know that they will especially grow in appreciation for the awesome gift that Jesus gives them—his very Body and Blood—as their parents faithfully bring them to Mass and celebrate the sacred mysteries along with them.  Please keep these precious children in your prayers.

Thursday of this week (I’m writing this on Monday afternoon), the children who will be initiated into the Church at the coming Easter Vigil will celebrate the Rite of Acceptance.  They were unable to attend this rite at the Cathedral last Sunday evening, so I have the good fortune to celebrate this milestone with them, with all of their classmates and the whole school community acting as witnesses. 


Two one-time very active St. Clement parishioners passed into eternity in recent days and were buried from St. Clement.  On March 3, Fr. Jim celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial with a full church for long time parishioner Mary Jo Barnes who has been living for a time in an assisted-living facility; and on March 6, I presided at the Mass, again with a large number of folks, for parishioner Ed Siegel who faithfully worshipped at the 4 pm. Mass every Saturday, up until just a couple of weeks ago.  I remember Mary Jo’s warmth and Ed’s humor. Both were easy to be with.  I’ll always remember Ed for his very visible timing of my homilies!  On behalf of all of St. Clement, our deepest sympathy to their large families and many friends who will miss them for sure!   While we remain on or earthly journeys, they can advocate on our behalf before our gracious Lord.

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