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                                                 THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE OUR FESTIVAL A SUCCESS!!


Pray for our St. Clement School Junior High students who are on retreat September 28, 2021

Transitus, celebrating the passing life of St. Francis into God's heavenly kingdom at St. Clement Church at 7:00pm, October 3 with refreshments to follow.  All are welcome!

Pet Blessing in honor of St. Francis of Assisi's care for all of creation on October 4 from 5:00PM until 6:30PM in front of Church. All Pets are welcome.  Please bring them on a leash or in the appropriate carrier for safety.  


From Fr. E.J. - - 

 This year our Archdiocese is moving from its second into its third century of existence. As it does so, these core beliefs are present: Parishioners’ lives and input in word and deed matter! Church leaders’ lives and input in word and deed matter! The Catholic Churchs mission in word and deed matters! The historical and social circumstances of our times matter! This is why the Archdiocese has been undertaking Beacons of Light, the multi-year process of pastoral planning for the Archdiocese. After months of study and analysis of every parish including ours, it’s clear that church campus buildings in many parishes are underutilized, but other parishes need more space. Meanwhile our priests and parish staff members are increasingly stretched. Together, our parishes have ample room to grow and become the vibrant, evangelizing communities that Catholics want and need them to be. To be better stewards of the resources God has given us, parishes in the archdiocese will be grouped into Families of Parishes” under the leadership of one pastor. For this plan to work well, your help is needed.


You are invited, welcomed, and encouraged to read the Archbishops Letter to all the Faithful found — in English and Spanish – enclosed in this week's bulletin, on the tables in the Commons, and on the parish Facebook Page. Your thoughtful feedback at this stage of the planning process would be valuable. A draft of the Families of Parishes will be shared for public comment from October 1 20 at www.BeaconsAOC.org, the website of the Beacons of Light initiative. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE, THEN PRAYERFULLY PROVIDE YOUR INPUT ON THIS IMPORTANT STEP WHICH WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE OF OUR ARCHDIOCESE AND ALL ITS PARISHES, INCLUDING ST. CLEMENT.

If you know people without internet skills, please volunteer to help them. If you yourself are not internet-skilled, please ask for help from someone who is. Bilingual persons are en- couraged to assist those Spanish-speaking folks who may not know English very well. I am very willing to address any questions, fears, worries, or observations you may have. If I don’t know the answer, I can help you find the answer. As we move forward together in a new way of spreading the Gospel, let us rely on the intercession of our Blessed Mother and her Son, our Lord Jesus with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This just came in from the Archdiocese: Archbishop Schnurr has recorded a new video – in interview format with Anna Mitchell of Sacred Heart Radio – discussing Beacons of Light. The video can be found here: https://catholicaoc.org/news/bol-video/an-interview-with-archbishop-dennis-m-schnurr.

God bless you all! Fr. EJ