More folks are choosing to have their child baptized during Mass with the full community present. This is terrific and is most appropriate.  Congratulations to Nevaeh Berter who was baptized last Sunday and to her blessed parents Michael and Jennifer.  Here is a statement from our United States Bishops: “So that baptism may be seen as a sacrament of the Church’s faith and of admittance into the people of God, it should be celebrated ordinarily in the parish church on a Sunday or, if possible, at the Easter Vigil. The Church, made present in the local community, has an important role to play in the baptism of all of its members. Before and after the celebration of the sacrament, the baptized have the right to the love and help of the community.”  I am grateful to members of the assembly, who are able, who gather around the font to witness and affirm the one being baptized, and who take advantage of the           opportunity to renew their own baptismal promises.


         The way the ritual unfolds, the entire Sunday Mass can be celebrated          in just one hour. This past Sunday, it was perhaps 5 minutes longer. The Worship Commission determined at our meeting this past Monday that ordinarily we will limit baptisms during Mass to the last weekend of the month and announce them in the bulletin the week before so that individuals who wish can choose another Mass that weekend. This weekend is an exception. We are      celebrating the baptism of infant William Henry Luken. This baptism was scheduled long before the Worship Commission decision. Congratulations to his proud parents David and Maggie.  I had the awesome privilege of celebrating David and Maggie’s wedding with them in July of 2016. It’s a joy worshipping with them each Sunday.


         This Sunday afternoon, folks will gather in the lot next to the school at 4:00 p.m. for our annual Living Rosary. We’re moving it to the afternoon this year to be in solidarity with groups around the country. This is always a moving event. Won’t you come and bring the whole family. I know Mr. Eiser is awarding a dress-down pass to any school children who attend.  It will be followed by a grill-out!  And, since October is the month of Rosary, our Benediction this Monday evening will include praying the Rosary and the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


         Finally, this is Respect Life Sunday.  In solidarity with other parishes of the archdiocese a second collection will be taken up to support the Pro-Life efforts of the diocese—and they are abundant. Check out the article in the bulletin for more information. Our DFF Colleen Gerke is our parish Respect Life coordinator. I am grateful for her advocacy. Don’t hesitate to speak with her.