Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Well, Super Bingo 2017 is now history.  What a grand event!  I have no formal results, but I would bet we came close to it being our best effort thus far (after our initial Super Bingo in 2011).  The crowd was great.  The cafeteria, hall 4 and hall 7 were almost completely full.  The 300 prepared packets sold out almost immediately and so others were prepared.  It seemed that instants were selling like gang busters!  Most importantly, as best as I could tell, folks were having a really fun time.  I have the easy job of just walking among the guests at the tables wishing them well.  I heard from many how much they enjoy this event.  On behalf of the whole parish, a huge thank you to parishioner Tracie Meister who outdid herself in hard work and creativity, and to the many folks who volunteered.  I was happy that, before I had to leave the event for the 4 PM Mass, I had the mic for a few minutes so that I could introduce Tracie who received a well-deserved ovation.  I also offered a special thanks to George, Jack and Margie from St. Lawrence Parish in Price Hill.  Tracie had told me that she would not have been able to pull everything off without their assistance. They have advised and helped St. Clement since we started this fund raiser six years ago.  I have great memories of meeting with them back then.  Jack is the announcer/caller; George assists with assorted tasks at the head table and Marge is out on the floor and all over sharing her vast talent.  I invite those parishioner who enjoy playing bingo to consider going over to St. Lawrence and playing their games.  These same three folks work their bingo as well.  And they have a bingo twice a week!  Anyway, thanks to everyone who made last Saturday’s important fund raiser a great event.

A hearty congratulations to parishioner David Harcourt who was invested in the ministry of acolyte last Sunday on his path to ordination as a Permanent Deacon.  Deacon John wrote about this special occasion in a column elsewhere in this bulletin.  I want to formally thank David for all the hard work he has done leading up to this milestone—including several years of formal classes at the Athenaeum—and for his commitment to continue his studies and formation in the years remaining.  David’s wife Kathy has been with him every step of the way.  In addition to her moral support of Dave’s responding to his vocational call, she will now be encouraged to attend his formation weekends with him.  Of course, both of them have their professional lives to live, their family life,  and are deeply involved in much that goes on here at St. Clement. How blessed we are!  Might the Lord be inviting other men in our parish to consider the vocation of Permanent Deacon?

I hope you’ll consider stopping over at the school cafeteria after Masses this Sunday morning to enjoy the special Pancake Breakfast being served by young parishioners and others to generate funds for the Freestore Foodbank and the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition.  Bring your whole family.  What kid—or adult, for that matter—doesn’t like pancakes?  And the price is very reasonable.


Our deepest sympathy to Elaine Schildmeyer, her three sons Chris, Nick and Ben, their spouses and children, siblings, and many friends, at the passing of parishioner Steve Schildmeyer.  Steve was only 70 years old at death.  But he obviously lived a full life—as testified to by the very large group of folks who gathered for his Mass of Christian Burial.  His philosophy:  “Life is easy if you let it be.”  With renewed faith in Jesus’ resurrection, we embrace the new week ahead.

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