It’s not quite summertime, though the “livin’ is easy”—well, easier, anyway!  And it feels like summer.  A number of folks have already taken vacation trips. Things are quieter in the parish now that school is out.  I have a goal to take advantage of the slower pace by completely organizing my office—including all of the file cabinets, drawers, shelves, and the storage space next to Linda Moeller’s office.  Ask me in September if I accomplished this.  If someone has some extra time and is good at “organizing,” perhaps there may be a way you can help.  Give me a call. 

        This is also a good time for me to get out and visit some of our homebound parishioners who would like a visit.  I’ve frequently invited folks who would like to receive the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to give me a call.  And we do have our parish visitation ministry in which an individual can complete a request card in the commons of the church asking our newly commissioned “visitors” to call on a loved one.  But perhaps, you would find it enjoyable to simply have your pastor come and visit for a while, especially if you live alone, and we can talk about whatever’s on your mind.  I love to hear the great stories, funny or sad, that everyone has as part of their growing up or of their dreams fulfilled or still to be fulfilled.  I could pray with you, if you would like; but that isn’t necessary.  Simply being with you would be a blessing for both of us and would give God praise.  If you would like a visit, simply cut out the form at the bottom of this letter and put it in the mail and I’ll give you a call to schedule a time.

     When will the roof be completed?  At our last progress meeting just last week, we were told that, barring bad weather or other complications, we should be done in about 2 ½ weeks—except for items on a “punch list.”  That was a week ago.  As I write this, the weather is prohibiting work.  I assure you that Greg Vonder Meulen, our maintenance supervisor and on-the-job over-seer of the project, and I have expressed strongly our dissatisfaction with how long this process has taken.  We’ve received reassurances that folks are committed to getting the job done. With Greg’s oversight, I know we will be pleased with the end product.  I’m very aware of how we have inconvenienced a number of our neighbors with the partial street closure.  We hope that when all things are completed we’ll find a way to thank and acknowledge them—and you--for their patience.

     Happy Father’s Day, Dads!  On this Father’s Day, we thank you God for the gift of our Dads, those who are living and those who have passed into eternal life with you. May our prayers for them today be a sign of our love and a source of your blessing.  Amen.