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Readings for the III Sunday of Ordinary Time

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     Most of us get mail almost every day. A lot of this mail comes from causes looking for financial help. When I get mail like this, it is an immediate turn-off. Everyone wants money they think I have access to! However, sometimes a request for financial help means something to me when I become aware of what this money really becomes. Suddenly money I thought I didnt have somehow becomes available. I believe that, for me and perhaps for you, this years annual Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) of the Archdiocese is one of those times.

The Catholic Ministries Appeal is the annual Archdiocesan campaign to support six local ministries that teach, feed and heal. That sounds a lot like what Jesus did and still does among us. I am pretty sure that at least one of these ministries will have a direct effect on my life, your life, and the life of at least one of our loved ones. All 200+ parishes of the Archdio- cese of Cincinnati join together to invite participation in this vital appeal -- vital because the funds collected directly affect the quality of these ministries and perhaps their very existence. In the whole Archdiocese this year, the goal for this Appeal is $5 million. Its the same goal as this past year which the Archdiocese barely met. The money raised is really good, considering that the pandemic had the economy struggling for nine months of the past year. Our St. Clement Parish goal this year is $19,021. Last year our parish goal was $18,165 and we contributed $14,184. We reached 78% of our goal with only 15% of our parish households participating. Hopefully, we can reach our goal this year.

Below is a pie chart of the ministries supported by the CMA and the percentage of the total each ministry receives. We will be learning more about the Catholic Ministries Appeal over the next few weeks. If you would like to contact me with questions or observations, my email address is ejstein@stclementcincinnati.org and my office phone number is 641-2257 ext. 148. The Archdiocesan CMA website is aocstewardship.org/cma. THANK YOU to everyone who has in the past and will in the future offer a contribution to this Appeal. God can offer many blessings to a lot of people because we participate in this Appeal.

On another note, today we are celebrating the annual Word of God SundayIt was established by Pope Francis in 2019 to remind us of the role of the Word of God in the life of the Church. At their recent meeting, members of our Parish Worship Commission encouraged us to celebrate this Word of God Sunday at all our

Masses this weekend. At the beginning of Mass, the priest and deacon will process down the center aisle, carrying the Book of the Gospel. At the Gospel time, the deacon will process with the Book of the Gospels from the altar to the ambo to proclaim the Word of God. Have a good week everyone!

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