We friars have a privileged vantage point from which to see our new church roof.  From the third floor of the friary, where my room is, we have a corridor of windows that look out on the roof.  In the afterglow of our celebration last Saturday—actually, it was the next day--I was studying the beauty of the roof and suddenly realized that the parish owes a great debt of gratitude to our building committee, whom I have never formally acknowledged in any of my messages, for regularly meeting over the past two years weighing options, making choices based upon the quality and endurance of materials as well as monies available to us, choosing the firm, and then overseeing the progress in the subsequent months, culminating in our formal celebration last week.  A very special thank you to Paul Schildmeyer, the chair of our Finance Committee, Bob Isfort, Mike Viox and Chris Schildmeyer who worked closely with our maintenance supervisor Greg Vonder Meulen to give birth to the finished product which will keep St. Clement church safe and dry for years to come.  I joined this group for most of their meetings, though I was clearly out of my element!  I was deeply impressed by their intelligence, their passion and their selfless sharing of their time and talent to insure a good job.  Actually, these folks oversaw the new roofs on each of our four parish buildings over the past several years!  Again, on behalf of our whole parish family, thank you, dear brothers.


This week I have not been able to participate in our Vacation Bible School at Immanuel United Church of Christ.  This is the first time in my nine years that I’ve missed.  I’m sure that under Theresa Strotman’s leadership, together with our other parish volunteers and Pastor Dan and folks from Immanuel, it was a glorious week.  I look forward to hearing about it.   I know that our DFF Colleen Gerke and her husband Deacon John contributed greatly towards the spirit of the event.  Deacon John provided the Catholic clerical presence at this important educational/formational experience for our children.


Have a great week!  It won’t be long before school starts! But first we have a holy day of obligation this Wednesday, August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mass times are published elsewhere in this bulletin.